season's g---s

I haven't been very good at keeping up this blog thing recently, but there's a new year coming on and I suppose this is one of those times to try and sort things like that out. Resolutions and such. I guess it would also be appropriate to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too.

And, as 2006 passes by, it only seems right to briefly update my state of affairs: First, I finished all my various papers for the Fall Semester at University of Winnipeg. Also, I pretty much made it through the Christmas season unscathed by the embarassment of buying poor presents (because I got people decent presents--like books and teapots and things). But I did experience some minor embarassment this afternoon at work when I wished someone "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy New Year." The fellow was almost out the door, and I realized that I'd misspoken, but he turned around and came back and started to go, "Ah--" and then I said, "Yes, I'm sorry, I know Christmas is over--I meant to say 'Happy New Year.'" And he kind of nodded and walked off. And it was, like I say, minorly embarassing.

At this point, there's only a couple more days until school starts again, but it'll be a little less ridiculous this semester because I'll only have two classes. And I'll keep working at the bookstore in order to make ends meet. Etc.

So, those are the basics--but, of course, there's always so much more rolling along through this mind of mine. Hopefully this semester I'll be able to keep up a bit more of a regular blog-o-rhythm. In the meanwhile, outside it's dark and the streets are lit only dimly by streetlight and snow is falling softly in the streets; tonight is second Christmas (i.e. with Steve and Gillian) so it all seems very fitting.