bad promises

I'm afraid I must apologize and renege on my promise to post previous Nog's Eve posters and pictures... In promising these things, I have spoken rashly and succeeded only in making a fool of myself. I have raised your expectations unnecessarily and then dashed them on the rocks of my inability to fulfill them; and for this, I am sorry.

But as a sort-of consolation, please enjoy (and by "enjoy," I mean, "feel free to react any way you like, even with mild disgust") the following cartoon regarding our beloved Egg Nog...


Blogger Murray said...

Evidently you don't read the comments on your blog very often, or maybe you just missed the one I left on the Dec. 1 post about Nog's Eve. Regardless, I'd like to converse with you about Nog's Eve before the month of Nog is up. My e-mail address is in the other comment. Peace

9:26 pm  

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