first fotos

These are my first photos of Ayvlyn, my dear niece, taken yesterday evening with my camera phone when I visited her and Gillian and Steve at the hospital.

You can't really see her face very well in this one and her eyes are closed, she's sort of slouched into her swaddle, but you can tell that she has a head and a bit of hair. You can also see a little bit of Gillian's arm there, too.

In this one I'm standing there and smiling, happy because I'm holding Ayvlyn. She's kind of sleeping, but there was awhile when I was there that she was looking around at different things (me included) with her 8cm sight range. She didn't smile, but I think she's happy nonetheless. In the background you can see a very pastel-y painting and the "Soiled Linen" container. But the highlight is her little sleepy face underneath the spotlight...

Ah, sweet life--. Some days it seems that only poetry or soaring music can hold the simple beauty and love of it all... But maybe all you parents out there feel a little differently. After all, you're the ones who deal with the cranky nights and sicknesses and tears and fears of these tender and fragile little lives. Though I suppose there's beauty and love in those things too, maybe especially in those things. In the end, the love born in the fullness of life, in the joy and sadness, in the triumphs and failures, in those easy moments and then the difficult ones--the love that is carried through thick and thin, and comes to its realization in all the various peculiarities of living together--this love is borne into Life itself...


Blogger Arbitrarily Predictable said...

She is the most lovely creature to see . . . I totally agree . . . but I guess as the mom I may have a slight bias . . .

You should see her do (what I call) the elephant . . . it happens when I am burping her. Her right or left arm (depending on which way she's situated on my lap)shoots up and out as she makes this little elephant noise. It's ridiculously cute!!!!!

I am so blessed to have a brother-in-law such as you and Ayvlyn is so blessed to have YOU as her uncle. And, most importantly, we are so blessed to be intrusted by God to raise this little one.

2:53 pm  
Anonymous Marie said...

She's beautiful! Then again, daughter's are the most beautiful, precious gifts ;)

4:20 pm  

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